Guidance For Probate And Strategic Estate Planning

With over a decade of experience, Gaussa Law Office has refined its approach to probate and estate planning. Its knowledgeable lawyer works with clients to execute estates that range widely in value.

Streamlining Probate And Estate Administration

An estate administrator is responsible for three main tasks, which include:

  1. Preserving funds and property
  2. Settling debts
  3. Distributing inheritance

Each of these processes contains multiple steps that require close attention to detail. A meticulous attorney can help an executor to protect both the estate and its administrator from legal and financial risk.

At Gaussa Law Office, estate administrators can work directly with an experienced attorney to accomplish these important duties. This process can be emotionally and mentally difficult — especially if the client is grieving the loss of their loved one. The law firm alleviates as much of the burden of probate as possible for the benefit of the client. An executor assisted by a skillful lawyer can be fully accountable to every debtor, will beneficiary and any other interested party.

Facing Complex Estate Administration Issues

A client does not need to be physically present to settle an estate within Pennsylvania. The firm is available to assist with out-of-state probate and estate administration. Through unique software and remote meetings, the firm can help the client fulfill their obligation in a timely and convenient manner.

In some cases, a decedent's relative or other eligible party may claim that the will is invalid. Estate administrators may face complicated litigation in addition to their original tasks. Throughout will contests, the firm provides detailed support that is committed to the well-being of the client and the estate in question.

What Are The Options For Estate Planning?

Estate planning serves many important purposes. The most popular reasons to make a plan, however, are to secure one's finances for their loved ones and to enforce their personal wishes.

Gaussa Law Office has deep knowledge of possible estate plan components, such as wills and trusts and advance directives, which can establish powers of attorney and specific health care choices. While many of these options are simple and fast to create, some may require a strategic approach — particularly those that involve complex financial matters.

Ask Gaussa Law Office For Help

Located in Canonsburg, the law firm is ready to discuss any aspect of probate and estate planning, will contests or related matters. Call 724-249-6957 or complete the online form to learn about the process ahead. From inheritance disputes to creating a trust, clients can rely on Molly Maguire Gaussa for full assistance.