Full Services For Post-Conviction Relief Appeals And Criminal Defense

Receiving a criminal charge can be devastating. Many people who receive such charges or a conviction want to know their options and rights, but do not know where to begin the process.

At Gaussa Law Office, clients can receive professional guidance and representation throughout the criminal defense and appeals processes. The firm's experienced attorney is ready to explain the process, build a compelling defense case and stand up for clients' rights.

Seeking A Post-Conviction Relief Appeal: What To Expect

Although Gaussa Law Office skillfully pursues regular appeals, it has a unique reputation for navigating post-conviction relief appeals in Pennsylvania. Such a complex case requires help from a lawyer who knows how to maximize its chances of success.

Currently, the potential grounds for pursuing a post-conviction relief appeal include:

  1. The conviction violates a constitutional right
  2. Insufficient legal counsel led to an unfair trial
  3. The client only admitted guilt due to another party unlawfully forcing this confession
  4. Officials wrongly prevented the client from appealing their conviction before the deadline — even though the client had good reason to appeal
  5. New evidence, which could have greatly affected the client's original trial, is now available
  6. The sentence exceeded the maximum possible penalty for the charges
  7. The court did not have jurisdiction to handle this case

If successful, a post-conviction relief appeal could give a client a retrial or set aside their conviction entirely. This type of appeal cannot adjust a client's jail time, fines or other penalties, however.

Anyone who wishes to pursue a post-conviction relief appeal must contact an attorney without delay. The window of opportunity begins 30 days after receiving the conviction and ends within one year. Gaussa Law Office is prepared to take swift action.

Standing Up For Clients Facing Criminal Charges

In addition to knowledge of post-conviction relief appeals, Gaussa Law Office offers representation for a variety of allegations, including:

  • Sex offense charges
  • Violent crimes, such as domestic violence or homicide
  • Drug-related offenses
  • Drunk driving and repeat DUIs
  • Expungement and appeals

Get Strong Legal Representation Immediately

Working quickly to form a defense strategy or file for an appeal is essential to achieving optimal results. Do not hesitate to contact Gaussa Law Office for a consultation with a skilled, principled lawyer about post-conviction relief appeals, criminal charges, appeals, record expungement or related issues. Call the Canonsburg office at 724-249-6957 or complete the online contact form for a prompt response.