A Firm That Protects Families Facing A Legal Conflict

Emotions run high in family law cases. Unfortunately, strong emotional responses can cloud the judgment of a person going through a divorce or other stressful event. Gaussa Law Office helps clients pursue the outcomes that could best serve them.

From its office in Canonsburg, the law firm proudly offers professional guidance through family law issues, such as:

  • Litigated or uncontested divorce
  • Child custody proceedings
  • Paternity rights
  • Child support modifications and enforcement
  • Domestic violence

Parents, grandparents or spouses who face a family legal problem should contact an assertive lawyer without delay. Waiting too long to find representation could lead to financial damage or a violation of one's rights. Gaussa Law Office acts quickly to discover the truth of a family's situation and what could be done to help them move forward.

5 Ways To Prepare For Divorce

In the early stages of a divorce, spouses might not know how important their first few actions will be for their overall case. Taking strategic steps to protect finances, privacy and children can improve the chances of walking away with the desired outcome.

Spouses considering or entering divorce should consider positioning themselves for success with the following steps:

  1. Open a new individual bank account that a spouse cannot access
  2. Gather documents that record all debts and assets, including life insurance and mortgages
  3. Avoid discussing any detail about the divorce on social media
  4. Find a trustworthy lawyer for support and information
  5. Update beneficiaries of wills, trusts or insurance policies

Attentive To The Needs Of Children

Although divorce and related issues are a complex adult matter, it ultimately impacts the lives of children. As a devoted attorney, Molly Maguire Gaussa represents her clients' interests throughout their case. However, she also considers and advocates for the well-being of their children foremost.

In child support and custody cases, the firm works to obtain results that are fair for both the client and their child. Gaussa Law Office stands by its values by ensuring that children's rights are respected despite their parents' conflict.

Start Pursuing Your Family Law Case Today

Committed to serving families across Pennsylvania, Gaussa Law Office is ready to converse with potential clients about their situation. The firm encourages anyone who may need the help of a family law attorney to call 724-249-6957 or schedule an appointment online at their earliest availability.