Faithfully Supporting Clients Since 2004

Gaussa Law Office is a growing law practice in Canonsburg. Committed to solving critical legal challenges like child custody, criminal appeals or will contests, the firm seeks to give each client a chance to voice their rights.

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A Passionate Advocate For Clients' Rights

Upholding the principles of equality and liberty, the firm's proficient attorney stands up for clients. She is dedicated to acting as a voice for her clients to assert their rights — whether in a will contest, divorce or criminal trial.

Gaussa Law Office strives to protect each client from unfair treatment and clear violations of their rights. Although this duty is clear in criminal defense cases, it is also necessary in cases that involve children and families. The firm's underlying values permeate each area of its practice in different ways.

Clients Receive Professional, Thorough Attention

Facing a legal problem can be confusing and stressful. It is essential to know that the issue is in the hands of a trusted professional. Molly Maguire Gaussa understands that lifting this burden can make a difference for her clients.

Her ambition is to safeguard clients across several practice areas, which include:

Make An Appointment To Identify Your Options

For a private consultation with a skilled lawyer, contact the Pennsylvania firm at 724-249-6957 or by filling out the intake form through this website. At this meeting, the attorney will review your case to determine whether Gaussa Law Office is the right match for your legal needs. A consultation can point you in the proper direction to begin resolving the issue you face in light of the Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA).