Over A Decade Of Protecting Clients

As a respected law firm in Canonsburg, Gaussa Law Office prides itself on helping clients effectively resolve the legal challenges they face. Its sole attorney, Molly Maguire Gaussa, provides strong representation and strategic advice.

Since 2004, the law firm has helped clients achieve successful divorce outcomes, criminal appeals and custody rights. The firm has also executed highly valuable estates on behalf of their representatives.

From skillful probate and estate administration to assertive defense strategies, the firm's lawyer seeks to level the playing field. She values giving her clients the opportunity to make a difference in their case through her talent and passion for the law.

Offering Unique Legal Services In Pennsylvania

In addition to general family law, criminal defense, probate and estate planning services, Gaussa Law Office is familiar with several targeted legal areas, including:

  • Out-of-state probate services
  • Dog-related legal matters, such as cases involving ADA service dog violations or harboring a dangerous dog
  • Post-conviction relief appeals (PCRA)

Anyone facing a unique problem related to these issues is welcome to contact the office to see how Molly Maguire Gaussa can help them. The accomplished firm is ready to confront any challenge that a client's case may present.

Call The Firm To Discuss Your Case

Depending on one's situation, it may be essential to get immediate legal support. At a case consultation, the firm can advise prospective clients about whether Molly Maguire Gaussa is a good match for their needs. Alternatively, the firm may point the person toward another attorney or professional who can help.

Clients can call the lawyer at 724-249-6957 to schedule a consultation for their case. The firm is also available to communicate online for convenience. Gaussa Law Office primarily serves clients in legal transactions, litigation and appeals throughout Alleghany and Washington counties.